The Jim Joel Fund (South Africa)

The Jim Joel Fund (South Africa)

The Jim Joel Fund has invested in early childhood development (ECD) programmes across South Africa since 1997 with the aim to support the well-being of South Africa’s marginalised communities. The Fund realised early on in South Africa’s transition to democracy that in order to mitigate against long term cycles of poverty, poor educational achievement, ill health, inequality and socio-economic challenges that it needed to invest in the lives of very young children. The Fund believes this is where the foundation for future well-being is established.

Early childhood, specifically the period between birth and two years of age, is the time when the brain develops most rapidly and it is a critical window of opportunity for establishing the foundation for good health, education and optimal productivity for the future. South Africa’s children make up 37% of the population and more than 80% of children aged between birth and four years in the poorest 40% of the population are unable to access registered ECD programmes.

The Jim Joel Fund does this by supporting Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that provide holistic programmes which support the growth, development and education of young children. The direct beneficiaries of the Jim Joel Fund’s investments are predominantly women as they are the ones that generally care for and nurture young children. Projects and programmes such as accredited Level 4 and 5 NQF training, skills based courses, parenting courses, home visiting programmes, enrichment programmes, capacity building and mentoring programmes for NGO leaders, materials development and outreach programmes are amongst some of the projects the Jim Joel Fund has supported over the years.


The Jim Joel Fund is the South African conduit for funding from the Childwick Trust in the UK and currently supports a number of NGO’s working in the ECD sector.

Existing NGO’s and new beneficiaries are welcome to contact Giuliana Bland to discuss possible funding opportunities. The Childwick Trustees meet once a year in July to discuss the Jim Joel Fund supported projects recommended by Giuliana Bland.

The online application form will be available for the whole month of April. Please note that no late applications will be considered.

A downloadable application form is available on the website that offers guidelines on how to complete the application form. Set criteria are applicable and the Jim Joel Fund cannot guarantee funding support for all the applications received.

Please do not email the downloadable application form as only applications submitted online will be considered. For any further queries please contact Giuliana Bland.

What we don't fund

  • Private, community and/or home based pre-schools
  • Capital costs i.e. purchase of a vehicle or building costs of any kind
  • Bursaries
  • Research

Contact details are as follows:

Giuliana Bland





Tel: +27 011 704 6539

[email protected]